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How Telfort launched a telecom subscription offer in a very original way --

The company:
Telfort is the Dutch branch of the largest telecommunications operator in Great Britain: British Telecom.

The challenge:
Telfort wanted to launch an exclusive telecom subscription offer on line.
This special offer had to be surprisingly original.

FlyingPost's solution:
In order to recruit new customers, Telfort proposed two types of messages, one being humorous.
FlyingPost selected different lists which aligned with Telfort's messages.

The result:
The campaign was an outstanding success:
-- 52% of the list visited the Telfort website
-- 3% answered the message directly
-- 32% subscribed to receive new offers of this type.

The campaign was so successful that Telfort decided to repeat it three more times on different targeted email lists. It obtained each time a click-through rate of more than 47%.