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Business Decision Makers

Total Universe

Active double opt-in emails - base price @ $300/M

Our members are well-educated decision makers.
Although all our members are English speaking, we prefer to mail to them in their own language. This target group is looking to get informed on global business issues, the economy, technology and new developments. They are highly affluent decision makers and travel frequently for business. Many are board directors.

Largely 100% online generated, this responsive file is recommended for targeting important decision makers who have high levels of international responsibility and impressive spending power and influence.

66% top management contacts
100% total management contacts
82% IT decision makers
78% of contacts have involvement in global decisions
98% college/university graduates

$152,000 average personal income

Suitable Users
B2B and B2C publishers, executive education and training, seminars and conferences, IT vendors and resellers, telecommunications, business and consumer travel offers, business services, retail financial services, business institutes and catalogs. Recommended for any campaign where reaching decision makers and influencers is crucial to the success of the campaign.

Updated quarterly.

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