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Cell Phone Users

Total Universe : 70,983,601

87% of our general population are mobile/cell phone users. We possess a high volume of cell phone users in cities with high volume of members in cities with high Internet usage and high rates of cell phone based communications (Amsterdam, Hong Kong, London, San Francisco, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Helsinki, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Berlin, Budapest, Mexico City, Milan, Paris, Prague, São Paulo, Shanghai, Warsaw).

The targeting criteria to choose among are

. Cell phone manufacturer
. Network provider
. Number of mobile phones
. Frequency of usage
. Age, gender
. Geographic select (by country, city or ZIP code)
. Job title / occupation
. Education
. Annual income
. Area of activity
. Life style

All contacts are opt-in or double opt-in, 100% named (first name, last name).

Quarterly updated.

See volumes country by country here