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The best value for your advertising dollar

From 1st to 31st December, we are offering an exceptional 20% discount on all our lists, worldwide. Do not miss this opportunity to get your ad in front of online shoppers and leading decision makers, at the best value available anywhere.
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Worldwide Presence

FlyingPost has strengthened its worldwide presence in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America, in addition to an already extensive Western European and North American presence. Within 24 to 48 hours, we can get your message out to any target audience you need, wherever you need it, whether it is South Africa, Chile, Panama, S. Korea, Japan, New Zealand, UAE etc…

We research in depth with our clients the most effective and cost- efficient medium to advertise from among our services:

- Opt-in email lists,
- Newsletters sponsorship
- Pop ups, pop-unders
- Microsite advertising
- Banner advertising

Being a full service marketing company, FlyingPost also offers:
- Sales lead generation
- Web site design
- Search engines submission and placement improvement

FlyingPost is your virtual communication partner, at prices you can afford.
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